It all boils down to quality. That’s what sets Creative Barrel apart from other barrel producers and manufacturers. Creative Barrel is not a mass-producer of barrels. In fact, each barrel created at Creative Barrel is made of premium products that are locally sourced. From our POP (point-of-purchase) display barrels to our custom designs, Creative Barrel stands apart from the competition because we make you stand out. Be smart with every inch of shelf space that you are given. With our eye-catching displays, your product is guaranteed to perform and look its best.

Our premium barrels focus and boast high-quality. From the American-made pine, oak and aspen wood staves, to our high-quality assembly, you are receiving a product that’s nothing short of premium. We’re proud to be part of the American-made tradition.

Give your creative vision the life it deserves by calling us today to get your custom barrel project started!

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