Wooden Whiskey Barrels with the text 'What you need for barrel aging at home" and the Creative Barrel Logo

The Basics of Barrel Aging at Home 

Homebrewing is growing tremendously in popularity, including home barrel-aging for whiskey. While it’s a complex process, home barrel-aging is completely doable for the average person who’s willing to learn. You likely won’t be making huge batches, so it’s important to be patient and follow the steps to the letter. Create the best whiskey brew by […]

Four barrels that show custom barrel options with different stains and band colors available from Creative Barrel

Display Customization Options with Creative Barrel

Creative Barrel is not a cookie cutter, assembly line, mass-producer of barrels. We make custom barrel creations out of locally sourced, premium materials. We work with you to develop the perfect design for your display, from color finishes to engraving. Each feature is an opportunity to make your barrel unique and eye-catching. We offer several […]

Close-up image of wooden barrels with a gradient and the Creativebarrel.com logo in the bottom left corner

The Making of Wooden Whiskey Barrels

There are many exciting ways to use wooden whiskey barrels in your storefront. Whiskey Barrels can convey anything from a trendy, contemporary feel to a rustic, country style, depending on your branding or the product you are trying to promote. Before wooden barrels become a part of your point-of-purchase displays, they go through a complex […]

Close-up photo of beautiful pumpkins on wooden barrel.

Top Point of Purchase Ideas with Wooden Barrels

A point of purchase, or POP, is an area of a retail store where customers engage with products. In most retail stores, this includes aisle shelves, end caps, or racks near the cash register. POP displays exist separately from a standard point of purchase and use a creative approach to capture consumers’ attention. An effective […]

Whiskey barrel cut in half laying on its side with flower planted inside it

Repurposing and Creating Outdoor Decor Using Whiskey Barrels

Recycling items you no longer use or repurposing isn’t a new concept, but more and more people look for new, useful ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle. Repurposing Whiskey Barrels For our customers, there are countless ways to repurpose the beautiful wooden barrels used to brew wine, beer, and spirits. Read on to discover ways […]

Chocolate mousse, garnished with a tangerine wedge and white chocolate shavings and a shot of Belgian traditional tangerine liqueur on a windowsill against the backdrop of a summer garden

Baking with Alcohol: The Best Boozy Desserts

It’s a great time of year to experiment with desserts. The end of summer marks a time just before the traditional harvest season and the holidays to start thinking about mixing up some new recipes. Trying new recipes that utilize a touch of your favorite alcohol as a key ingredient is a fun, indulgent way […]


Whisky Barrels vs Wine Barrels | What’s the Difference?

There are only a few differences between wine and whiskey barrels, but even the smallest change can have an impact on flavor. The flavor of your final product will depend heavily on the type of barrel you choose; therefore, it’s important to know whether to choose wine or whiskey barrels. The Size of Whiskey and […]


Point of Purchase Displays | Trends in the Industry

There are plenty of trends today for point of purchase displays, but you’ll need to know which ones are effective. While some trends might be lackluster for your customers, others can have a dramatic impact on sales. For 2022, there are three prominent point of sale display trends you can use to your advantage. Introduce […]


Wedding Barrel Displays

Weddings are one of the most special events in our lives. Not only are they an opportunity to express your love for your partner, but they’re also a chance to celebrate that feeling with your other loved ones. It’s no surprise, then, that people put painstaking effort into ensuring their wedding is one to remember. […]

Family toasting at a meal.

Generational Alcohol Consumption: Which is Preferred?

Within all generational groups, reaching the legal drinking age can be an exciting time. This can especially be said for Generation Z, as they are starting to have a dramatic impact on the alcohol and beverage industries. The alcohol preferences of each generation depend almost entirely upon occasions, motivators, and influences when buying these alcoholic […]


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