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Alcohol Marketing Trends for Summer 2021

Like many industries, the alcohol industry has faced many challenges and obstacles in its advertising. Since the pandemic, alcohol sales and advertising have increased drastically, as has the demand from customers. Socializing became a very different occasion, taking place at home or over zoom calls. Now, as vaccinations are widespread and restrictions are lifting, patrons will want to return to patios and dining rooms this summer.

No matter what is happening in the world, summer is always a turning point for restaurant and liquor sales. Since the last year has uncovered many trends and advertising changes, let’s take a look at what we can expect from liquor advertising as the seasons change.

Liquor Advertising Stand-Outs after the Pandemic

We saw many trends develop as the pandemic hit the US. Boxed wine was the supermarket go-to beverage during months of lockdown–and for good reason. Bagged and boxed wine is easier to store and better preserves open wine than bottles, making it a popular choice for the newly stay-at-home crowd. It’s also more hygienic and sustainable, especially for restaurants. However, whether customer demand for this vessel of vino remains is yet to be seen.

RTD (or Ready-to-Drink) beverages were also very popular after the pandemic. Hard seltzers and pre-mixed cocktails have been popular for the last few years and will continue to dominate this summer. Convenience is the major selling point, especially during a time when bars and restaurants were closed or at a limited capacity, but these beverages will continue to be in high demand. Positioning these products in easy-to-spot locations with a unique product display is a no-brainer for stores and liquor shops during the summer.

Influencer Marketing for Beverages

Influencer marketing has been a hot advertising method for many industries. As influencers are still demanding the attention of social media users, celebrities have begun advertising their alcohol brands with much more vigor than in the past. And it’s not only the types of celebs you’d expect. For example, did you know that Post Malone has a line of wines?  

Video is also becoming a major tool in advertising. The ‘stories’ function–once a tool only for Snapchat users–is now a simple way to share video across many platforms. Through careful targeting and vetting, alcohol brands can reach age-appropriate audiences like never before using engaging and impactful content.

It’s hard to predict what the next few years will entail for the alcohol industry. Pandemic or no, we’ve known that engaging content and unique display ideas are important in creating a well-rounded brand. As technology makes it more difficult to catch the attention of customers, something truly different will always be a better choice.

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