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The Basics of Barrel Aging at Home 

Wooden Whiskey Barrels with the text 'What you need for barrel aging at home" and the Creative Barrel Logo
Wooden Whiskey Barrels with the text 'What you need for barrel aging at home" and the Creative Barrel Logo

Homebrewing is growing tremendously in popularity, including home barrel-aging for whiskey. While it’s a complex process, home barrel-aging is completely doable for the average person who’s willing to learn. You likely won’t be making huge batches, so it’s important to be patient and follow the steps to the letter. Create the best whiskey brew by following this guide.  

Finding a Whiskey Barrel for Sale 

Most distillers use larger barrels when making spirits, which are often a standard 53 gallons. These aren’t practical sizes for homebrewers, but a smaller boutique distiller can likely provide 10 to 15-gallon barrels that are great for home brewing.  

However, you may have to shop around to find a small distiller willing to sell just one or a few barrels. Your distributor can help you pick the perfect barrel for your homebrew, but a charred white oak barrel is the best choice for whiskey.  

The Brewing Supplies You Need 

Once you find a barrel, there are just a few more materials you need to start homebrewing. For the base, you can use an already-aged whiskey, an unaged/white whiskey, a raw distillate, or a blend of any bases. You can also add charred white oak sticks or Infusion Spirals to your brew to speed up the aging process or add more flavor.  

Finding A Homebrew Kit 

Some distributors, retailers, or even breweries might also sell small-batch kits, including whiskey barrel age kits. So, instead of buying an individual barrel and gathering all the brewing supplies separately, you can get everything you need all at once—except for the alcohol or distillate. A typical homebrew kit will include a small barrel, barrel cleaning tools, and flavoring supplies.  

Getting the Barrel Ready for Homebrewing 

While you’re preparing the barrel, find a place to store it that’s away from any direct sunlight, as sunlight impacts the taste of your brew. The main thing you’ll need to do is swell the barrel, which helps prevent leaks. An easy way to do this is to fill the barrel with hot water and leave it for several days. During this process, it needs to be kept in a room temperature location, so the wood won’t over-swell.  

How Long to Age Your Whiskey 

Fill up the barrel with your choice of brew materials and get it close to the top while leaving a tiny pocket of air. Over time, the wood will transmit its flavor to your whiskey. About once a week, open the barrel for a few moments to let fresh air replace the trapped alcohol vapor.  

Using a smaller barrel means your batches will age faster than those of commercial brewers because the wood-to-whiskey ratio is more in your favor. A raw distillate or white/unaged whiskey typically needs to age for 3-6 months. An already-aged whiskey should only need 1-2 months.  

Packaging Your Brew 

Once your whiskey is perfectly aged to your liking, get the canisters ready. Corks and glass bottles are ideal, but any air-tight container will do. If you added charred white oak sticks to your brew, use a cheesecloth to strain the brew first. Make sure it’s a caramel, golden, or dark brown color before you declare it’s ready for packaging.  

Cleaning The Barrel 

The average spirit barrel is good for two uses—after that, it won’t be able to give you the ideal flavors. If you are going to reuse your barrel, you will also need to clean and sanitize it before using it again.  

Don’t use harsh chemicals or soap, as this can remove flavor or soften the wood. First, clean the barrel by taking it through several rinse cycles, then fill it with warm water and let it sit overnight. Then use steam, hot water, or a sterilizing solution to sterilize the barrel.  

Good Presentation Is Everything 

Even if you’re not planning to sell your homebrewed whiskey, it’s still an accomplishment to celebrate. Whip up some classic whiskey cocktail recipes and turn your homebrewing into a special event for your family and friends. Once it’s been aged and packaged, set up a beautiful display from Creative Barrel to unveil it.  

Learn more about our custom barrel displays, including stain options and laser engraving, on the Creative Barrel website, or contact us with questions. 

Top Point of Purchase Ideas with Wooden Barrels

Close-up photo of beautiful pumpkins on wooden barrel.
Close-up photo of beautiful pumpkins on wooden barrel.

A point of purchase, or POP, is an area of a retail store where customers engage with products. In most retail stores, this includes aisle shelves, end caps, or racks near the cash register.

POP displays exist separately from a standard point of purchase and use a creative approach to capture consumers’ attention. An effective POP display inserts a product directly into a shopper’s line of travel, creating a memorable experience that increases the likelihood of purchase.

These displays are extremely effective. According to research, brands that use POP displays saw a 140% sales increase over brands that don’t. The key to making POP effective, however, is choosing a display that stands out visually.

Wooden Barrels for Point of Purchase

Wooden whiskey barrels are a beautiful, functional, and unique way to create an eye-catching POP display. Their elegant yet rustic appearance makes for a POP display that encourages your customers to reach for your product.

Before you move forward with a whiskey barrel display, you’ll need to know which style is right for your product.

Full Barrel Display

Full wooden barrels are highly customizable and offer the most space for your product display. Full barrels are often used to display piles of bulk items, like apples or candy. These displays create a sense of abundance that encourages customers to purchase.

However, if your product has different display needs, you can also use full barrels in other ways. Many retailers use these full wooden barrel displays as an alternative to traditional aisles by opening the front of the barrel, installing shelves, and adding lighting. These full barrels can then be stacked, using less space while remaining eye-catching.

Half Barrel Display

Half wooden barrels can be split vertically or horizontally, offering new ways to show off your product. This also uses less space and allows you to fit more displays in your store.

Vertically-split barrels are similar to full barrels, offering options for shelves and lighting to be installed on the inside. Rather than displaying the open side, you can also turn it to create a display that lies flush with a wall and takes up less space.

You can use horizontally-split barrels as baskets to display produce, candy, or nuts. Because they aren’t as tall as a full barrel, you can place them on countertops to free up floor space. Creative POP displays also stack these half barrels to create taller, more engaging visuals.

Wooden Barrel Shelves

Most shelves in retail locations are metal and square. Using wooden barrels to make shelves for your point of purchase display creates a rustic curved shelf. This alternative to aisle shelving visually sets your product apart from your competitors.

Barrel display shelves can be constructed of pieces of wood from the barrel itself, or by cutting full barrels and stacking the halves.

Wooden Barrel Taps

Beverage retailers can also make use of wooden barrel displays for an eye-catching POP. Many choose to store beverages in wooden barrels and add metal taps to pour the liquid.

Barrels that store liquids for a POP display can stand vertically, with the tap positioned at the bottom of the barrel to ensure the liquid can flow freely. These barrels can also lay horizontally, but must be placed inside a stand with legs to ensure the barrel can’t roll away. If the barrel is laid horizontally, place the tap at the bottom of the flat side that’s visible.

Creative POP Displays from Creative Barrel

With more products available to consumers than ever before, it’s hard to make an impression on a customer in a retail setting. Our custom wooden barrel displays encourage engagement from your customers and can drastically increase customer attention and sales. Each barrel has multiple custom options for shelving, dividers, and more.

To see different barrel display options that fit the aesthetic of your POP, contact Creative Barrel for a barrel design consultation.

Repurposing and Creating Outdoor Decor Using Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey barrel cut in half laying on its side with flower planted inside it
Whiskey barrel cut in half laying on its side with flower planted inside it

Recycling items you no longer use or repurposing isn’t a new concept, but more and more people look for new, useful ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle.

Repurposing Whiskey Barrels

For our customers, there are countless ways to repurpose the beautiful wooden barrels used to brew wine, beer, and spirits. Read on to discover ways to turn barrels into outdoor décor.

Whiskey Barrel Table

You can make a table out of a whiskey barrel by adding a wide glass frame or a wide piece of wood. You can even recycle an old table by throwing the legs away and placing the top part of the old table on top of the barrel. If you want a shorter table, you can cut off the bottom half of the barrel and start placing things on top.

Whiskey Barrel Chest

If you are looking for extra storage around the house, turn your old whiskey barrel into a functional and beautiful storage chest. You can choose to turn the barrel on its side or stand it up.

Whiskey Barrel Trash Can

Dress up your trash can by using an old whiskey barrel. You may choose to put a trash bag directly into the barrel or put a smaller can inside the barrel. Either way, you’ll turn something that was once only functional into a great-looking trash can.

Whiskey Barrel Ice Box

A simple way to make an ice box out of an old whiskey barrel is to cut the barrel in half or remove the top. Then add as much ice and beverages as you want. To improve the ice box, add a spout at the bottom to help drain the water when you’ve finished using it.

Outdoor Whiskey Barrel Planters

One of the more common ways to repurpose whiskey barrels is to turn them into flowerpots or planters in your garden. There are a few different ways you can do this, for example:

  • Classic, Full-Size Whiskey Barrel Planter – This is the most-used type of barrel planter. It’s a full-size barrel with the top cut off. Save soil by filling the barrel halfway with rocks, Styrofoam, or another filling material.
  • Half-Size Whiskey Barrel Planter – This type of planter is the same as the full-size planter, except that it’s half the size. Cut the barrel in half and fill it with soil and plants. Cutting a half-size planter also has the benefit of making two matching planters.
  • Sideways Whiskey Barrel Planter – A sideways whiskey barrel planter is a barrel cut vertically and then placed horizontally on the ground so that the hollow side faces up. You can fill these barrels with soil and any plants you like. This project also makes two planters but is better at accommodating multiple plants.

If you need barrels to make these incredible crafts, The Barrel Mill can supply you. Contact us to find the perfect barrel for your next project.

Baking with Alcohol: The Best Boozy Desserts

Chocolate mousse, garnished with a tangerine wedge and white chocolate shavings and a shot of Belgian traditional tangerine liqueur on a windowsill against the backdrop of a summer garden
Chocolate mousse, garnished with a tangerine wedge and white chocolate shavings and a shot of Belgian traditional tangerine liqueur on a windowsill against the backdrop of a summer garden

It’s a great time of year to experiment with desserts. The end of summer marks a time just before the traditional harvest season and the holidays to start thinking about mixing up some new recipes. Trying new recipes that utilize a touch of your favorite alcohol as a key ingredient is a fun, indulgent way to fill a fall afternoon.  

Not only does cooking or baking with alcohol make the process more fun, but it also adds unique flavors to dishes. In cooking, alcohol ties water and fat together very well, which naturally enhances the flavor of food and beverages. Here are some tips for baking with alcohol, as well as some recipes to explore and enjoy with your friends and family.

Tips for Baking with Alcohol

  1. Consider the flavor profiles of your favorite cocktails. Red wine, brandy, and port all have a sweetness that blends very well with chocolate, sweet cakes, and even gingerbread. Bourbon and rum blend nicely with cake mixes, cookie dough, and pie fillings, adding notes of vanilla or nuts. 
  2. It’s best to slowly add liquor to your cooking or baking, working up to the perfect taste level. To prevent the harsh taste of alcohol, provide some cooling time in between adding liquor.
  3. Alcohol tastes and cooks differently, depending on when you add it. According to a 2003 USDA study, 5 to 85 percent of alcohol will remain in a recipe after cooking. Be careful when adding liquor, add just enough to taste it, but not enough to become overwhelming. 
  4. If you would like a stronger taste of alcohol in your baking, then you can always incorporate it into a glaze or a frosting for an extra burst of flavor.
  5. Because you are cooking is no excuse to skimp on your booze. The quality of alcohol will affect your baked goods once they are finished. Always use alcohol that you enjoy (which is to say, one you would drink on its own) in your baking.

Boozy Dessert Recipes

Here are some delicious boozy dessert recipes to explore and enjoy with your friends and family!

Rum Balls

Rum balls are the perfect snack to make for when you are having a few friends over. The recipe has the perfect mixture of booze and chocolate and tastes similar to Oreos. This no-bake recipe requires about one cup of rum; however, you can add more or less to taste.

Watermelon Margarita Pops

These frozen watermelon margarita pops can be used as popsicles, or even ice cubes in your favorite drink. With a few simple ingredients, you can make yourself a delicious homemade margarita that only takes about 10 minutes to make.

Boozy S’mores Milkshake

This s’mores milkshake will become your new favorite drink, especially since it’s so easy to make. This boozy drink has everything that you love about s’mores, plus so much more. Don’t forget to add your favorite toppings as garnish! Here at The Creative Barrel, our mission is to make sure you have a safe and fun time enjoying your favorite drinks. As the summer winds down and the holidays creep ever closer, it’s time to begin experimenting with new flavors and crowd-pleasing desserts. What’s your go-to end-of-year dessert? 

Whisky Barrels vs Wine Barrels | What’s the Difference?

There are only a few differences between wine and whiskey barrels, but even the smallest change can have an impact on flavor. The flavor of your final product will depend heavily on the type of barrel you choose; therefore, it’s important to know whether to choose wine or whiskey barrels.

The Size of Whiskey and Wine Barrels

The first and most obvious difference between wine and whiskey barrels is the size and volume. Whiskey barrels have a traditional volume of 53 gallons, while a wine barrel’s volume can vary depending on the product. Due to the standard volume, the size of a whiskey barrel rarely differs; however, a wine barrel will vary in size based on volume. Additionally, whiskey barrels are smaller on average–due to the standardization of whiskey barrel sizes.

Material Differences Between Barrels

Whiskey barrels are almost always made of oak. Wine barrels frequently use oak as a material, while other woods are rarely used. The same is not true of wine barrels. Though they frequently use oak, wine makers are more likely to use various types of wood to impart unique flavors to the finished product. Maple, hickory, or walnut can all have drastic effects on the final flavor, which may make certain wines unique.

Toasting and Charring

Perhaps the largest difference between whisky and wine barrels is the level of toasting on the interior of the barrel. Wine barrels are often toasted either at light, medium, or dark levels. Toasting is used to impart wood flavors into a wine. For whiskey barrels, however, the inside of the barrel is often charred for the opposite reason.

When charred, the whiskey barrel builds up a thin layer of charcoal. This charcoal layer acts like a filter, removing impurities from the finished product. Removing these impurities will result in a milder whiskey with a cleaner taste. Now that you know the difference between whiskey and wine barrels, you can make the best decision for your next batch. Don’t forget that a barrel can also make a wonderful decorative piece or display. Creative Barrel supplies beautiful display barrels for every need. Find out more by contacting us.

Point of Purchase Displays | Trends in the Industry

There are plenty of trends today for point of purchase displays, but you’ll need to know which ones are effective. While some trends might be lackluster for your customers, others can have a dramatic impact on sales. For 2022, there are three prominent point of sale display trends you can use to your advantage.

Introduce an Experience

Customers may frequent your stores and see your displays, but they may not be engaging enough to grab their attention. Plenty of customers today suffer from ad-blindness, or the inability to notice advertising. This phenomenon happens because advertising is so prevalent; however, it can be overcome with displays that offer an experience.

Some potential experiences might include offering samples, showing off a potential recipe, or offering information about the product and how it’s made. All of these should be done with an eye-catching display, whether it’s in a grocery aisle, liquor store, or retail location The display will work to draw people’s initial attention, while your experience will keep them engaged and encourage purchases.

Using Digital in Point of Purchase Displays

Another way to draw attention to a point of purchase display is to introduce digital elements. While digital displays can be expensive, you don’t have to commit to a fully-digital experience. One of the largest trends in 2022 is combining digital and physical elements.

Introducing digital elements can include digital point of purchase signage, digital sign-up forms, or informational videos on a screen or tablet. Incorporating digital elements doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are plenty of ways to hook customers without committing to fully-digital solutions.

Making Beautiful Point of Purchase Merchandising

While customers might glance over your point of purchase display in the store, social media provides a place for potentially evergreen content. Images and videos of your display can be viewed by thousands of customers an infinite number of times, rather than being seen only in the store.

Building elaborate, beautiful displays can entice potential customers, especially on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Not only will this content be seen by regular customers, but it can also draw new customers to see your display in person.

Overall, there are plenty of trends that can be used to make more engaging point of purchase displays. Creative Barrel provides engaging point of purchase display materials to attract customers and lead to increased sales. For more information, and to find the right display for you, contact us now

Wedding Barrel Displays

Weddings are one of the most special events in our lives. Not only are they an opportunity to express your love for your partner, but they’re also a chance to celebrate that feeling with your other loved ones. It’s no surprise, then, that people put painstaking effort into ensuring their wedding is one to remember.

While a million-dollar budget might seem like the only way to make your special day unforgettable, there are plenty of ways to host a classy wedding without the expensive price tag. Ordinary items, like wooden barrels, can be used as memorable and unique décor that doesn’t blow your budget.

Wedding Barrel Displays

One of the best things about using barrels for your wedding is their versatility. When you order from a professional cooperage, your barrel can be completely customized to fit your wedding theme. Choose a stain that suits your color scheme, and add windows, shelves, or even a customized imprint that displays your and your partner’s initials.

Beyond their customizability, wooden barrels can be used in a variety of ways throughout your wedding venue. They can be turned into an excellent place for guests to leave gifts or used as a place to display couple photos, flowers, or drink options. Push your creativity to the limit by using the barrels in unexpected ways, like a photo op spot or distinctive accent feature to ensure your day is as unique as it is special.

Barrel Table Displays

One common way of incorporating barrel displays into your wedding is by using them as tables. The simplest way is to use them as standing cocktail tables for your guests at the wedding reception. You can also secure a glass or wooden top to a single or multiple barrels. Using a tabletop allows the wooden barrels to showcase their rustic beauty but adds stability to the display. Using a rough-sawn tabletop can be a beautiful way to personalize your wedding’s head table.

Creative Barrel Solutions

When it comes to barrel displays for your wedding or any other event, there is no better solution than Creative Barrel. Our quality barrels and barrel displays are sure to be the highlight of your space. Check out our selection of barrels and customization options on our website.

Generational Alcohol Consumption: Which is Preferred?

Family toasting at a meal.
Family toasting at a meal.

Within all generational groups, reaching the legal drinking age can be an exciting time. This can especially be said for Generation Z, as they are starting to have a dramatic impact on the alcohol and beverage industries. The alcohol preferences of each generation depend almost entirely upon occasions, motivators, and influences when buying these alcoholic beverages. Wine, beer, and spirits all have a part to play, but each generation usually has a preference when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

Generational Alcohol Preferences

There are five generations that are of legal age to drink in the United States: Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation. Marketers, restaurants, and bars break down average alcohol consumption by these five generations.

Silent Generation

The Silent Generation, born from 1928 – 1945, are now around 77 – 94 years of age. According to a survey conducted in 2019, the Silent Generation strongly favors wine, at 59%. 29% of this generation favors liquor and spirits, and 12% favors beer.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers, born from 1946 – 1964, are now around 58 – 76 years of age. According to the same survey, 42% of Baby Boomers favor wine, like the Silent Generation. However, 39% of this generation favors liquor and spirits, and 20% favors beer.

Generation X

Generation X, born from 1965 – 1980, are now around 42 – 57 years of age. Generation X favors liquor and spirits at 41%. 36% percent of Generation X favors wine, and 23% favors beer.


Millennials, born from 1981 – 1995, are now around 27 – 41 years of age. 43% of Millennials tend to favor liquor and spirits. However, 34% percent of Millennials favor wine, and 23% percent favor beer.

Generation Z

Generation Z, more commonly known as Gen Z, were born from 1996 – 2012, and are now 10 – 26 years of age. Of the Gen Zs who are of legal drinking age, 53% favors liquor and spirits. 27% of Gen Z favors wine, and 20% favors beer.

Generational Alcohol Consumption

Why does generational alcohol consumption matter? When you know the demographics of your customers, you can tailor your marketing efforts to appeal to that group’s tastes. Whether it’s by using discounts or eye-catching point-of-purchase displays, targeting your advertising will help increase sales.

At Creative Barrel, we know how to market alcohol. With customizable POP displays made from beautifully crafted barrels, your marketing will make a splash no matter which generation you’re targeting. Learn more on our website, or contact our team for questions.

Tips for Retail Display Merchandizing on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s concept with green beer, pot of gold, and shamrocks.
St. Patrick’s concept with green beer, pot of gold, and shamrocks.

Everyone knows St. Patrick’s Day is the green holiday. However, with the National Retail Federation reporting skyrocketing St. Patrick’s Day spending, it may be becoming the green holiday due to the money it generates, rather than traditional cultural color associations.

Consumers are clearly willing to spend money, especially on alcohol, when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. When setting up marketing displays and merchandizing initiatives, keep these tips in mind to build a successful campaign.

Maintaining Cultural Awareness

Because St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural holiday, care needs to be taken not to misrepresent or demean the Irish culture. Using aspects of Irish culture can be great ways to create a unique customer experience, but it can be a slippery slope between showcasing Irish culture and disrespecting it.

Asking customers to perform an Irish jig, speak in an Irish accent, or recite a limerick to receive a deal or discount might seem to be great ways to incorporate the holiday into your business. However, these challenges also require your staff to know what those things are. If your employees can’t tell the difference between an Irish jig and the Macarena or distinguish an Irish accent from a Jamaican accent, then the incentive doesn’t have anything to do with St. Patrick’s Day. It’s just requiring your customers to do something unorthodox with no clear connection to St. Patrick’s Day.

In this scenario, it would make more sense to include something typically associated with St. Patrick’s Day, rather than specific aspects stereotypically associated with the Irish Culture. This could be something like wearing green or presenting a lucky item, such as a four-leaf clover, rabbits foot, or horse shoe.

St. Patrick’s Day Retail Display Ideas

There are many different ways to respectfully incorporate St. Patrick’s Day into your marketing. Window displays are a wonderful way to reach customers and the public alike, especially if your business experiences heavy street traffic. Having a window display allows your business to appear more festive to customers and clients alike, enticing them to step inside and check out the special you’re running.

Don’t leave your festive spirit in the window, however. Make sure to bring the seasonal designs into your store as well. Having St. Patrick’s Day retail displays are a great way to carry the festive spirit into your store, as well as a wonderful way to highlight specific products or brands.

Gift baskets can be a wonderful way to incorporate the holiday into your business, and they can also help you highlight new or unique products. Build St. Patrick’s Day themed gift baskets around a bottle of Irish whiskey or the like, and place them strategically to utilize secondary placement wisely.

A memorable, effective display starts with a solid base, like Creative Barrel’s premium, custom-built barrels. Contact Creative Barrel to begin building your St. Patrick’s Day retail display today!

Tips for Valentine’s Day Retail Display Merchandizing

Lotto ticket with wood barrel 14 number on pink hearts background.
Lotto ticket with wood barrel 14 number on pink hearts background.

February 14th: either it forces us to accept our single lifestyle or allows us to celebrate the companion we’ve found. It’s also one of the top spending holidays in America, and for merchandizers, this means it’s a great time to invest in an eye-catching Valentine’s Day retail display.

Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity for alcohol merchandizers, especially, as sparkling wine, rosé, and champagne sales experience a significant spike during the holiday. The best part? When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to do a lot with a little. With a few simple tips, you can take your Valentine’s Day display to the next level, helping you capitalize on the spirit of love.

Know Your Market

There are two distinct parties on Valentine’s Day: couples and singles. For most alcohol merchandizers, they’ll be targeting the couples. Knowing the demographics of the people who shop at your store is an easy way to begin tailoring the retail display to that audience.

If your shop caters to a high-end crowd, go with an elegant, sophisticated display. If your patrons are typically younger, the products you feature will likely be different than those targeted toward an older audience. If your customer base is diverse, your advertising should be as well.

Utilize Secondary Placement Wisely

Cross-marketing has been proven time and time again to be a successful marketing strategy, and it’s so, so simple. Holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, are a time for impulse buys. Display a related product near your wine or champagne display to trigger the realization that your consumer needs this secondary product, too. It’s also a good opportunity to partner with a business to bring these secondary products to your store. Easy Valentine’s Day examples: a teddy bear hugging a bottle of wine, boxes of chocolates and chocolate stouts, or champagne and a bouquet of roses.

Use Multiple Unique Displays

Just as it’s easy to do a lot with a little during Valentine’s Day, multiple retail displays can take your sales to the next level. Not only does having more than one display allow you to showcase multiple popular products, but it also allows you to fine-tune your targeting to your different consumer groups.

However you design your marketing plan, having a unique display is essential. It’s no secret Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, so to stand out among to constant assault of advertisements and sales, make sure your display stands above the rest.

At Creative Barrel, we offer custom-built barrels perfect for creating gorgeous point-of—purchase displays. Whether your ideal Valentine’s Day retail display is charming, rustic, or elegant, our barrels provide the perfect place to start.


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