St. Patrick’s concept with green beer, pot of gold, and shamrocks.

Tips for Retail Display Merchandizing on St. Patrick’s Day

Everyone knows St. Patrick’s Day is the green holiday. However, with the National Retail Federation reporting skyrocketing St. Patrick’s Day spending, it may be becoming the green holiday due to the money it generates, rather than traditional cultural color associations. Consumers are clearly willing to spend money, especially on alcohol, when it comes to celebrating […]

Lotto ticket with wood barrel 14 number on pink hearts background.

Tips for Valentine’s Day Retail Display Merchandizing

February 14th: either it forces us to accept our single lifestyle or allows us to celebrate the companion we’ve found. It’s also one of the top spending holidays in America, and for merchandizers, this means it’s a great time to invest in an eye-catching Valentine’s Day retail display. Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity for […]

A row of display barrels used for liquor store merchandising.

The Importance of Visual Merchandising in Liquor Stores

Drawing a customer’s attention is easier said than done. A challenge arises for product-makers across the country when trying to convert that first customer through visual merchandising.  But luckily, there is a wide range of tricks you should use to draw potential customers in and convert them. For the companies we partner with, visual merchandising […]

Wood wine barrels stored in a winery on the fermentation process

Barrel Fermentation Vs. Barrel Aging: What’s the Difference?

You may have heard the terms ‘barrel aging’ used interchangeably with ‘barrel fermentation,’ but it may surprise you to find that they are incredibly different processes. They both involve the same materials and methods, but their impact on wines and spirits can be astronomically different. Like most things involving alcohol, one small change can ripple […]

A police officer standing at a bar paying his bill with a bar and liquor bottles in the background.

Unique and Complicated Liquor Laws from Around the Country

As a national retailer for premium point-of-purchase displays, Creative Barrel has had the opportunity to create unique solutions for an array of clients. Even with our years of experience, we are continually adapting to new liquor laws and regulations for customers around the country. Let’s take a look at some unique liquor laws and regulations […]


Transitioning Product Displays from Summer to Fall

This time of year brings many transitions. Leaves change colors, tank tops are exchanged for sweaters, and “fun in the sun” turns toward “fun around the fire”. As the season changes, so do the ways that businesses attract customers. Everything from point of purchase displays to the products themselves are switched out to cater to […]


The History of Whiskey: Fun Facts About Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. It is made with malt barley, yeast, water, and other grains that are mashed to extract sugars. The resulting liquid is then distilled and aged in oak barrels. Aging alcohol in oak barrels gives beverages distinctive flavors not otherwise achieved in other brewing […]


Creating Point of Purchase Displays for Sweets and Treats

Retail owners know that a quality point of purchase display can make a major difference in the sales of a product. An interesting display will grab the attention of your customers and entice them to get a closer look and buy your product. There are limitless options for product displays, from cut-out cardboard pop-ups to […]

Close up image of a professional woman’s hands working on a graphic tablet and keyboard

Investing in Your Brand: How to Plan a Basic Marketing Budget

Marketing plans of the past involved a fair amount of guesswork. Before the days of online analytics and trend tracking, creating a budget and marketing plan for a business was all about trial and error. Some companies would take big leaps and either have them pay off or fall flat on their face. Investing in […]


Alcohol Marketing Trends for Summer 2021

Like many industries, the alcohol industry has faced many challenges and obstacles in its advertising. Since the pandemic, alcohol sales and advertising have increased drastically, as has the demand from customers. Socializing became a very different occasion, taking place at home or over zoom calls. Now, as vaccinations are widespread and restrictions are lifting, patrons […]


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