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Point of Purchase Displays | Trends in the Industry

There are plenty of trends today for point of purchase displays, but you’ll need to know which ones are effective. While some trends might be lackluster for your customers, others can have a dramatic impact on sales. For 2022, there are three prominent point of sale display trends you can use to your advantage.

Introduce an Experience

Customers may frequent your stores and see your displays, but they may not be engaging enough to grab their attention. Plenty of customers today suffer from ad-blindness, or the inability to notice advertising. This phenomenon happens because advertising is so prevalent; however, it can be overcome with displays that offer an experience.

Some potential experiences might include offering samples, showing off a potential recipe, or offering information about the product and how it’s made. All of these should be done with an eye-catching display, whether it’s in a grocery aisle, liquor store, or retail location The display will work to draw people’s initial attention, while your experience will keep them engaged and encourage purchases.

Using Digital in Point of Purchase Displays

Another way to draw attention to a point of purchase display is to introduce digital elements. While digital displays can be expensive, you don’t have to commit to a fully-digital experience. One of the largest trends in 2022 is combining digital and physical elements.

Introducing digital elements can include digital point of purchase signage, digital sign-up forms, or informational videos on a screen or tablet. Incorporating digital elements doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are plenty of ways to hook customers without committing to fully-digital solutions.

Making Beautiful Point of Purchase Merchandising

While customers might glance over your point of purchase display in the store, social media provides a place for potentially evergreen content. Images and videos of your display can be viewed by thousands of customers an infinite number of times, rather than being seen only in the store.

Building elaborate, beautiful displays can entice potential customers, especially on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Not only will this content be seen by regular customers, but it can also draw new customers to see your display in person.

Overall, there are plenty of trends that can be used to make more engaging point of purchase displays. Creative Barrel provides engaging point of purchase display materials to attract customers and lead to increased sales. For more information, and to find the right display for you, contact us now

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