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Repurposing and Creating Outdoor Decor Using Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey barrel cut in half laying on its side with flower planted inside it

Recycling items you no longer use or repurposing isn’t a new concept, but more and more people look for new, useful ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle.

Repurposing Whiskey Barrels

For our customers, there are countless ways to repurpose the beautiful wooden barrels used to brew wine, beer, and spirits. Read on to discover ways to turn barrels into outdoor décor.

Whiskey Barrel Table

You can make a table out of a whiskey barrel by adding a wide glass frame or a wide piece of wood. You can even recycle an old table by throwing the legs away and placing the top part of the old table on top of the barrel. If you want a shorter table, you can cut off the bottom half of the barrel and start placing things on top.

Whiskey Barrel Chest

If you are looking for extra storage around the house, turn your old whiskey barrel into a functional and beautiful storage chest. You can choose to turn the barrel on its side or stand it up.

Whiskey Barrel Trash Can

Dress up your trash can by using an old whiskey barrel. You may choose to put a trash bag directly into the barrel or put a smaller can inside the barrel. Either way, you’ll turn something that was once only functional into a great-looking trash can.

Whiskey Barrel Ice Box

A simple way to make an ice box out of an old whiskey barrel is to cut the barrel in half or remove the top. Then add as much ice and beverages as you want. To improve the ice box, add a spout at the bottom to help drain the water when you’ve finished using it.

Outdoor Whiskey Barrel Planters

One of the more common ways to repurpose whiskey barrels is to turn them into flowerpots or planters in your garden. There are a few different ways you can do this, for example:

  • Classic, Full-Size Whiskey Barrel Planter – This is the most-used type of barrel planter. It’s a full-size barrel with the top cut off. Save soil by filling the barrel halfway with rocks, Styrofoam, or another filling material.
  • Half-Size Whiskey Barrel Planter – This type of planter is the same as the full-size planter, except that it’s half the size. Cut the barrel in half and fill it with soil and plants. Cutting a half-size planter also has the benefit of making two matching planters.
  • Sideways Whiskey Barrel Planter – A sideways whiskey barrel planter is a barrel cut vertically and then placed horizontally on the ground so that the hollow side faces up. You can fill these barrels with soil and any plants you like. This project also makes two planters but is better at accommodating multiple plants.

If you need barrels to make these incredible crafts, The Barrel Mill can supply you. Contact us to find the perfect barrel for your next project.

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