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The Design Principles of a Successful Company Logo

It’s important to any business to have a strong and recognizable visual brand. Using specific fonts, colors, visual features and logos can get a company’s message across quickly and without explanation. This is why a clear company logo is especially important. Logos have the power to draw the eye of potential new customers and develop an identity with current clientele.  

Your company log isn’t something that should change often, as it will confuse and even irritate customers, so choosing a logo isn’t a quick decision to make. Take these factors into account when creating a new logo or rebranding an out-of-date style.

Keep it Simple

A successful logo is a combination of text, shape, and branded colors that represent a company. Think about the most recognizable logos: Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, etc. even if these logos were slightly off, feature the wrong color, or aren’t featured in the right circumstances, we would still recognize them more often than not. The best logos are recognizable because they are simple and easily recognized. When deciding on a logo, think of where you plan on using it. Would it look good on a polo shirt? Can you read it clearly on a business card? How about if you shrunk it down to fit on a pen? Simplicity is important.

Make it Memorable

It sounds cliché, but attention spans are very short these days. You have only moments–perhaps seconds, in many instances–to grab a customer’s attention. Your logo might only be a portion of your company’s brand, but it’s most often the most influential. The elements, fonts, and even colors you chose to include in your logo all tell a story about your company and what it stands for.

A good logo should stand out from the crowd. This is how your customers will identify you versus your competition. If your company logo reminds customers of another logo–or worse yet, a specific company–you’ve missed the mark.

Logo and Branding Versatility

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand. It’s important that your logo is versatile enough to be featured in electronic and print forms, as well as on merchandise and apparel. A versatile logo will maintain its integrity no matter where or how it is being used. It should be functional in a portrait or horizontal orientation. It should also take into account potential colors, shapes, and textures that your logo will be included with most often.

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