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The Importance of Visual Merchandising in Liquor Stores

A row of display barrels used for liquor store merchandising.

Drawing a customer’s attention is easier said than done. A challenge arises for product-makers across the country when trying to convert that first customer through visual merchandising. 

But luckily, there is a wide range of tricks you should use to draw potential customers in and convert them. For the companies we partner with, visual merchandising is becoming one of the primary tools for selling products.

Why Visual Merchandising Matters

With the proper alcohol merchandising, you can draw people into beautiful displays and pique their interest in your product. With stunning displays like the custom potions available from Creative Barrel, you can quickly generate more revenue and keep new customers coming back for more.

Drawing the Eye

Customers need a reason to pick up your product and find out more. They can’t know about your product’s rich history, dedication to flavor, or attention to detail without setting their sights on the bottle. You’ll need a visual cue that draws the eye.

Plenty of our partners hedge their bets on beautiful-looking liquor store merchandising. This merchandising attracts customers to approach the display and fall in love with your product. 

Return on Investment

If you own or operate a business (not just in wines or spirits but in any industry) you’ve undoubtedly heard about ‘return on investment’ or ROI. Everyone sees that the supplies you purchase must justify the cost. So, what kind of ROI can you expect on visual merchandising?

Believe it or not, people still prefer to do their shopping in person. The reasons for this no doubt vary from person to person, but the fact remains. That means that alcohol merchandising is still essential. Would you rather have your merchandise occupying the same shelf space as your competitor, or would you instead like to stand out?

Many modern advertising options require a hefty front-end commitment to begin seeing results. Digital advertising, and even traditional media, are often expensive for smaller businesses and can take weeks or even months to see an impact. Visual merchandising can be effective and inexpensive when done correctly.  

Using Visual Displays to Grow Your Business

There’s no one single way to grow your business. The best option to promote growth is to diversify your efforts. Choose many routes to build an audience and attract customers and don’t neglect liquor store merchandising. Visual merchandising is not only effective at gaining a customer’s attention but is also inexpensive enough for everyone to try. 

Want to get started crafting beautiful displays? Creative Barrel has the perfect solutions for you. Contact us to get started on your next round of visual merchandising.

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