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Top Point of Purchase Ideas with Wooden Barrels

Close-up photo of beautiful pumpkins on wooden barrel.

A point of purchase, or POP, is an area of a retail store where customers engage with products. In most retail stores, this includes aisle shelves, end caps, or racks near the cash register.

POP displays exist separately from a standard point of purchase and use a creative approach to capture consumers’ attention. An effective POP display inserts a product directly into a shopper’s line of travel, creating a memorable experience that increases the likelihood of purchase.

These displays are extremely effective. According to research, brands that use POP displays saw a 140% sales increase over brands that don’t. The key to making POP effective, however, is choosing a display that stands out visually.

Wooden Barrels for Point of Purchase

Wooden whiskey barrels are a beautiful, functional, and unique way to create an eye-catching POP display. Their elegant yet rustic appearance makes for a POP display that encourages your customers to reach for your product.

Before you move forward with a whiskey barrel display, you’ll need to know which style is right for your product.

Full Barrel Display

Full wooden barrels are highly customizable and offer the most space for your product display. Full barrels are often used to display piles of bulk items, like apples or candy. These displays create a sense of abundance that encourages customers to purchase.

However, if your product has different display needs, you can also use full barrels in other ways. Many retailers use these full wooden barrel displays as an alternative to traditional aisles by opening the front of the barrel, installing shelves, and adding lighting. These full barrels can then be stacked, using less space while remaining eye-catching.

Half Barrel Display

Half wooden barrels can be split vertically or horizontally, offering new ways to show off your product. This also uses less space and allows you to fit more displays in your store.

Vertically-split barrels are similar to full barrels, offering options for shelves and lighting to be installed on the inside. Rather than displaying the open side, you can also turn it to create a display that lies flush with a wall and takes up less space.

You can use horizontally-split barrels as baskets to display produce, candy, or nuts. Because they aren’t as tall as a full barrel, you can place them on countertops to free up floor space. Creative POP displays also stack these half barrels to create taller, more engaging visuals.

Wooden Barrel Shelves

Most shelves in retail locations are metal and square. Using wooden barrels to make shelves for your point of purchase display creates a rustic curved shelf. This alternative to aisle shelving visually sets your product apart from your competitors.

Barrel display shelves can be constructed of pieces of wood from the barrel itself, or by cutting full barrels and stacking the halves.

Wooden Barrel Taps

Beverage retailers can also make use of wooden barrel displays for an eye-catching POP. Many choose to store beverages in wooden barrels and add metal taps to pour the liquid.

Barrels that store liquids for a POP display can stand vertically, with the tap positioned at the bottom of the barrel to ensure the liquid can flow freely. These barrels can also lay horizontally, but must be placed inside a stand with legs to ensure the barrel can’t roll away. If the barrel is laid horizontally, place the tap at the bottom of the flat side that’s visible.

Creative POP Displays from Creative Barrel

With more products available to consumers than ever before, it’s hard to make an impression on a customer in a retail setting. Our custom wooden barrel displays encourage engagement from your customers and can drastically increase customer attention and sales. Each barrel has multiple custom options for shelving, dividers, and more.

To see different barrel display options that fit the aesthetic of your POP, contact Creative Barrel for a barrel design consultation.

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