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Transitioning Product Displays from Summer to Fall

This time of year brings many transitions. Leaves change colors, tank tops are exchanged for sweaters, and “fun in the sun” turns toward “fun around the fire”. As the season changes, so do the ways that businesses attract customers. Everything from point of purchase displays to the products themselves are switched out to cater to a cooler, cozier, autumn seasonality. 

To best attract customers and freshen up the way products impact your brand, take a few considerations in mind. 

Seasonal Appeal from a Customer Perspective

Different products can sometimes emote different feelings depending on seasonality. For example, seasonal displays in a clothing retail setting might feature fuzzy sweaters and deeper, darker fall shades as opposed to light, bright summer features. For beverage, food, and alcohol displays, promote a warmer, cozier atmosphere.

In a food display, it should feel like anything a customer might purchase will stick to their ribs and fill them up through cool nights. Drinks should feel soothing and comforting rather than brisk and refreshing. The “ice cold” promotions of the summer give way to the ciders, toddies, and hot drinks of fall and winter.

Include Seasonal Holidays

Of course, retail providers understand that consumers purchase more during the holidays than during many other times of the year. While the full holiday season might still be a few months away, Halloween and thanksgiving promote the same fall festive feelings. Craft beers and hard ciders are also big sellers in the fall compared to other times of the year, so promotional displays that feature these products will do well.

Capitalize on The Atmosphere

When it comes to retail, there perhaps is no seasonal change as dramatic as the transition from fall to summer. In terms of advertising and marketing, few people fail to notice the change from bright, summer displays to pumpkin-spiced… everything! More than just #PSL fans can appreciate the change. The season is a chance to refresh: change your activities, change your wardrobe, and even change your food and drink options. As a builder of classic POP displays, Creative Barrel is no stranger to the rustic craze that seems to overtake us every fall. The decision to pair a whiskey or wine barrel with a retail product display is as obvious as going apple picking and saying yes to a hayride this time of year. Contact Creative Barrel to get started.  

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