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Unique and Complicated Liquor Laws from Around the Country

A police officer standing at a bar paying his bill with a bar and liquor bottles in the background.

As a national retailer for premium point-of-purchase displays, Creative Barrel has had the opportunity to create unique solutions for an array of clients. Even with our years of experience, we are continually adapting to new liquor laws and regulations for customers around the country.

Let’s take a look at some unique liquor laws and regulations around the country:

Sunday Liquor Sales

Over the last few years, many states have lessened their restrictions on alcohol sales on Sundays. Many states still do not sell alcohol on Sunday or close earlier than other days of the week–often referred to as “Blue Laws” which are often based on religious reasons.

Alcohol Takeaway for Restaurants

Since the pandemic, many states, counties, and cities have passed new laws based on the home delivery of alcohol. This was set into motion to promote food delivery efforts to support restaurants that could not open their doors to the public. Many of the laws required customers to purchase food along with their alcohol orders, and not all of them stayed in effect once restaurants were allowed to reopen. 

Banning the Sale of Miniature Bottles

Some states have adopted rules to help combat drunk driving as well as prevent littering. Some Massachusetts towns began banning the bottles as far back as 2018, though the law has yet to pass on a state-wide level. Back in June, New Mexico began phasing out the sale of miniature bottles of alcohol. The new law, which took full effect on July 1st, banned the sale of bottles containing less than 3 ounces of alcohol. 

Strange Liquor Laws Around the Country

While many of these liquor laws are easy to define and understand, there are. A few states that still adapt very strange or out of fashion rules around alcohol:

Utah: If you are craving a drink in a restaurant in Utah, you must order food with your beverage. And if you order beer, the alcohol content is likely 3.2% or below.

Indiana: Have you ever been to a Happy Hour in Indiana? If so, it might have been over 30 years ago, as lowering prices for a portion of the day is illegal in the state.

Colorado: While some states require you to purchase food with your rink, Colorado cannot sell food in their liquor stores. 

Maine: Looking to start the St. Paddy’s Day festivities early? You’re in luck in Maine. Even on Sundays, liquor stores open their doors at 6 AM!

Creative Barrel brings a classic approach to wooden barrel point of purchase displays. Whatever the laws in your state or the impression you would like to make on your customers, we can help you accomplish your goals. Visit our website to learn more.

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