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Creative Barrel Questions

What are your display barrels made from?

The majority of our display barrels are made from sustainably sourced premium Pine. We also make Aspen barrels for our coffee customers, per their industry requirements. And we often have American Oak Barrel seconds available as well – call for availability.

What are some common uses for your display barrels?

Wine, beer and spirits distributors love to use our barrels for POP displays. We also provide many bars and restaurants with barrels and barrel ends for signage. Retailers also love our barrels for product displays. And grocers appreciate how our barrels can serve dual function for shipping and displaying coffees, candies and nuts. Our barrels have even been featured in some major Hollywood productions (little films like “Pirates of the Caribbean”).

Do you have barrels in stock?

Yes, we often have standard sizes in stock. Please call for availability and pricing.

What are you minimum quantities?

Please call to discuss your order.

How quickly can you turn an order?

Generally we can turn an order around in 4-6 Weeks from order date. Sometimes less, sometimes more – depending on our backlog, specialty customization and quantities.

Do you make custom barrels?

The majority of our barrels are custom… so if you have an idea for a barrel, but you're not quite sure what's possible, give us a call.

What customization options are available?

We have in-house capabilities for screen printing, laser engraving, stenciling, decals, plastic signs and you can choose custom stain colors (4-5 in stock) as well as silver or black hoops.

What accessories are available?

The list is endless, but here are a few: Castors, Wire Bottle Holders, Food Safe Liners, False Bottoms, Plexi Lids, Spigots, Holder/Cradles, etc.

Do your display barrels hold water?

Our stock Pine barrels do not… but they are easily outfitted with liners to hold ice and liquids and can even be used for dispensing beverages.

Can these barrels be used outdoors?

We do not recommend using our Pine barrels outdoors. We often have American Oak Barrel seconds available – which can be used outdoors. Please call for availability.